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All forms of Arbitration are determined by the laws of the  Republic of Montenegro. This site is owned and produced by Tij Company Doo export-import Montenegro, Vojina Katnica BR 41 Podgorica NA: 81110, Montenegro, Republic Of Montenegro. By using our site, you acknowledge and agree to accept these terms and conditions. Using our site, you acknowledge that you accept the terms of use and agree to abide by them. If you do not accept these terms, you may not use our site and services. By continuing to use this site, you expressly accept our services in all languages (including all marketing and other materials) we can provide you and all information provided to you. In addition, by continuing to use the site, you acknowledge that the information provided on the site is in an environment that is considered to be 'durable environment' and you accept the environment in which information is inherent in the nature of the services we offer (eg online services).

Matters To Which We Can Make Changes:

We can change these terms from time to time. When you wish to use our site, please check these terms to make sure that you understand the terms that apply during that period.

We Can Make Changes In Our Site:

We may update and change our site from time to time. The most current version of these terms will be found on our site.

We may suspend or withdraw our site

Our site is free of charge. There is no guarantee that any content or link on our site will always be available or uninterrupted. We may suspend or withdraw or restrict the availability of all parts or any part of our site for technical, operational, or other reasons. We may provide feedback when any suspension or withdrawal occurs. Any person accessing our site must be aware of these terms of Use and other applicable terms and conditions.

OUR SITE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR USERS in the United States, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Canada. It is not appropriate to distribute or use any service on our site by any person in the countries we specify. It will be against local laws or regulations. From time to time, the site may not be partially or fully available in other countries not listed above. It is the responsibility of the visitor to ensure that the services on our site comply with any local laws or regulations in countries not eligible for use. We do not declare that the content available on or on our site is suitable for use or use in the areas and jurisdictions where this site is accessible.

It Is Your Responsibility To Ensure The Security Of Your Account Information:

It is within your control to ensure that the user identification code, password or other information transmitted to you as part of our security procedures are protected. You should not share this with any third party. If you share any user identification code or password that you own, at any time, without our reasonable opinion, selected by you or not allocated by us; we have the right to deactivate if you fail to comply with any provision of these terms of use. If you know or suspect that someone else knows your user ID or password, you should tell us immediately.

How can you use the services on our site?

All intellectual property rights and licenses on our site belong only to us. The published materials, including copyright, database rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, belong to us completely in the content of this site. Any rights that are not ours belong to third parties for whom we have received consent to use. These works are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaties. All these rights are reserved. Our site contains general usage and customer usage areas. The customer area is only available to people who have opened an account in our organization. You will never alter the paper or digital copies of any material that you print or download, and you will not use any information or material available on the site. The materials on our site are our intellectual property and you have no rights in such materials. You should not use any part of the content on our site for commercial or other purposes without the permission of us or our licensors. If you print, copy, or download any part of our site in violation of these terms of use, we reserve the right to take any other action we deem appropriate. .

The content on our site is provided for general information only. We have no intention of providing any definitive information. If you have such a desire for information flow, you should definitely seek expert advice before taking any action based on the content on our site. Although we have made reasonable efforts to update the information on our site, we cannot make any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, whether the content on our site is correct, complete, or current.

Rules About Connecting To Our Site:

You should not establish a connection through our site in such a way as to suggest any association, endorsement or endorsement through our other customers or experts. You should not link to our site on any site. Our site should not be framed to another site and should not link to any part of our site. You should not use our name or part of it for any use not authorized by Tij Company Doo . If you would like to link to or use any content on our site other than those mentioned above, please contact us. Our Liability for Damage or Damage Damaged by You will always continue to be our responsibility to you for any circumstances that fall within our jurisdiction or are not illegal. Different limitations and responsibilities are excluded for liability arising from the supply of any product specified in our Customer Agreement to you. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage you suffer from using or accessing our site. We exclude all implied terms, warranties, statements, or other terms that may apply to our site or any of its content. We will not be liable to you for any loss or damage in the contract, in unfair acts (including negligence), violation of legal liability, or otherwise, in connection with or in connection with the following

We are not responsible for viruses and you should not introduce them.

We do not guarantee that our site can be protected from errors or viruses, or that our site is fit for a purpose.

You are responsible for configuring your information technology, computer programs and platform to access our site. You should use your own virus protection software.

You should not misuse it by introducing technologically harmful materials on our site. You should not try to gain unauthorized access to our site, the server where our site is stored, or any server, computer or database connected to our site. You should not attack our site through a denial of service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. By violating this provision, you commit a crime under the applicable legislation. We would like to make it clear that we will report such violations to the relevant law enforcement authorities and we will reveal your identity and cooperate with these authorities. In the event of such a violation, your right to use our site will be terminated immediately.

Our Trademarks are Registered

All copyright, database rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in the content of this site belong to us or a third party, including our licensors. The content on our website (whatever) may or may not be identified by a symbol. The absence of such a symbol should not be understood as the name, term, or data being the intellectual property of ourselves or any third party.

We also have rights in our domain and you cannot create or use any domain name containing the same words or the same words in our domain. In particular, any word containing the word Tij Company Doo alone or other letters or words are not suitable for this use.

In addition, all content on our site is copyrighted. No information or content on this site may be reproduced, adapted, or uploaded to a third party.


Although we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, the information provided on the site may be changed without notice. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time by publishing the revised terms of this information. Although we do not have the approval status before making changes; the current version will be the most current. .


If all or part of a provision of these provisions is deemed invalid, or illegal by a competent court, the rest of the Terms and Conditions shall take full effect and do not affect the validity or enforceability of such provision in any other jurisdiction.

General Promotion Agreement

This contract has been prepared exclusively for Tij Company Doo customers, and the legal entity will now be referred to as company customer. Credit promotion is given only to company customers and it is limited on the basis of company customers. The promotion usage feature has been started on the date of the agreement and will be valid for a single period determined during the year. After the client's account is active, credit promotions can be used and they have the right to withdraw their current balance if the required transaction volume is completed within that year. Although it provides a great advantage in bonus investments, it is not possible to log out until the transaction volume to be completed is completed. To calculate the lot to be traded, 20% of the promotional amount is taken. For example, the min required for a$ 500 credit promotion. the amount of the lot is 100 lots and 200 lots for$ 1000 (the required transaction volume must be made within the contract period between the customer and the company; otherwise the company has the right to cut the requested transaction volume from the customer's balance). This promotional offer shall be valid unless the company claims otherwise. The company will be able to make any changes to the offer by providing advance information. Trading volumes are counted only in currencies, commodities (which have at least 25 contracts ), and commodities.

The company has the right to withdraw the offer based on the activity in the customer's account. The terms and conditions of this agreement are detailed on the company website ( Full margin, arbitrage trading, latency trading, opening and closing a very short transaction to complete only the volume of the transaction, etc.. ) in case of transactions that will be done, the bonus given can be canceled.

In case of any dispute about meeting the conditions of the agreement, the promotional offer will expire. Our customer has accepted this agreement in accordance with these terms and conditions by showing the following information.


Customer Investment 1.2 We can keep your money and other Customers' money in the bank account of the same customer (omnibus account). In this case, you have the right to determine your money through our back office and our accounting system.

1.3 We can take or control customers' money to buy or control any affiliate or a third party (for example, a bank, a market, merchant, e-wallet, intermediate broker, OTC counterparty, or clearinghouse). We may affect a transaction or a transaction with that person, or we may determine the obligation to provide collateral (for example, the initial margin requirement) in relation to a transaction. We have no responsibility for any action or negligence of third parties to whom we transmit the money we receive from you. The third party to which we will transfer money can keep it in an omnibus account and it may not be possible to separate it from our money or third party money. In the case of bankruptcy or other similar transactions with such a third party, we only claim for the unsecured right for you and our other clients and you may face a problem with receiving your money. It is not sufficient to meet the demands of you and our other Customers who have requests from the third party regarding the relevant account. The Company accepts no liability for funds that have not been deposited into the company's bank accounts due to delays or failures to deposit or transfer money directly or through third parties.

1.4 We will not pay interest on deposited customer money or deposited in the customer Account or accounts allocated by the company, and we may place your money on overnight deposits. You agree that we are permitted to hold any interest accrued. We can deposit your money with a security interest, mortgage or a deposit that can apply to the fund.

1.5 We may keep your customer money outside the borders of the country we are located in or on your behalf. The legal regime applied to any bank or person may be different. In case of bankruptcy or other similar transactions related to that bank or person, your money may be treated differently from the treatment to be applied if it is held in a bank with money in an account in our home. We will not be responsible for the bankruptcy, actions, or omissions of third parties referred to in this paragraph.

1.6 We can deposit your money with a security interest, mortgage, or a deposit that may have the right to defer.

1.7 If there is a demand for withdrawal without opening 5 transactions and 5 lots of trading volume after the phoneme is made, the fee of 35 USD withdrawal is deducted from the account.

1.8 One(1) withdrawal request can be given free of charge every week. For subsequent withdrawal requests, 20 USD withdrawal fee is deducted from the account.

1.9 By signing or accepting the Customer Agreement, you authorize the company to make any deposit and withdrawal from the Bank account of “Customer Funds”, including and despite the generality of the above. Payment of all the transactions carried out within the scope of the customer agreement and all the amounts to be paid to or on behalf of the Customer to the company or another person are among the matters you accept.

8A. Depositing and Withdrawing Money Into Customer's Account

2.1 You may finance your account from time to time by credit card or debit card, wire transfer or SEPA transfers, e-wallets or other money transfer methods accepted by the Company, or at any time at its affiliates' discretion. We do not guarantee that all transfer methods can be used in your country. Transfers that deposit money into your account can only be initiated by you 1) from the trading platform or 2) with the help of a telephone representative, depending on your explicit consent.

2.2 The minimum initial deposit required to start trading is described in the “Accounts” section of our website. At our discretion, we may allow you to start trading if you have transferred less money than the minimum initial deposit. We reserve the right to refuse cash deposits and/or access to commercial accounts due to such cash deposits.

2.3 In accordance with the procedure described in the withdrawal section of our website, you can withdraw the money deposited from your account by subjecting the necessary documents to us. If your withdrawal request is made without meeting all the requirements, the Company reserves the right to request this withdrawal until all legal requirements are met. The company does not charge you any fees for withdrawals, but you will be notified of any charges for transfer of withdrawals by the bank, credit card company, payment processor, or e-wallet; please refer to the relevant section on our website. The maximum amount that can be transferred to your first deposit facility is equal to the first deposit made. The profits made can only be transferred to your bank account.

2.4 The customer may withdraw the money deposited in his or her account and/or profits from his or her account only from his or her account or from the relevant account or card used to finance the account. Transfer (withdrawal) to accounts or cards of funds other than source Account/card may be granted at the company's sole discretion, provided the company is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to forward the funds to a different account. The minimum withdrawal amount is the US $ 100 unless otherwise indicated.

2.5 The customer is fully responsible for the payment details provided to the company, and if the details provided by the customer are incorrect, the Company assumes no liability for the client's funds. If a withdrawal request is made to a bank account, the customer has 10 business days from the date of the withdrawal request to provide the bank details. If ten days have passed without adequate and appropriate information, the funds will be returned to the trading account and a new withdrawal request must be submitted.

2.6A As deemed appropriate by you, we will apply a zero-tolerance policy in the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to any fraudulent credit/debit card. Usage, credit/debit card chargebacks, or other processor chargebacks (regardless of when the transaction or refund took place) will then be terminated immediately and irrevocably.

You agree that we do not need to notify you before closing your transactions and / or account, but we may choose to do so.

2.6B In cases where “amicable fraud” is suspected, such as a justified compensation claim against a legitimate transaction,

a) We reserve the right to ban you and any third parties that you have the authority to act on your behalf, indispensably and indefinitely from using our services immediately:

-All IP addresses used to access your account or associate with your account;

– Your own account and the names and surnames of authorized third parties and other credentials contained in the identity documents provided during the account verification process.

– Any other defining element that we can find appropriate and effective.

All bans will be final and non-transferable and may include any of the following actions:

b) Recover the chargeback amounts from the remaining balance of your account;

c) Take the total profit amount from the remaining balance of your account;

d) Get the bonuses given from the remaining balance of your account;

f) Criminal proceedings are made against you for credit card fraud

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